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Welcome to the website of the Rekruttbatteriet, a Norwegian Home Guard Youth detachment in Oslo.

The Home Guard Youth (HVU) is a voluntary organisation for boys and girls aged 16 to 21 years. There are about 94 HVU detachments based in communities around Norway with a strength of around 680 youths.

Members of the Home Guard Youth organisation wear uniforms, and it have a training syllabus based upon the proven morale-building techniques and activities of the military way of life.

The Home Guard Youth is formally attached to the Norwegian armed forces. However, the Home Guard Youth cannot be recruited to the Norwegian armed forces, because according to the Home Guard Act and the Compulsory Military Service Act no persons below the age of 18 years are to be considered to be members of the Norwegian armed forces.

Members of the Home Guard Youth do not take part in any practical training or in any other way war-related activities. They are to be exempt from service in situations where the armed forces could be involved in hostilities acording to the Home Guard Act.

Furthermore the Home Guard Youth are not subject to military disciplinary authority or to the Military Penal Code. Participation in the Home Guard Youth is solely on a voluntary basis and takes place in the young person’s free time.

The Home Guard Youth is an arena for outdoor recreation and other physical and sporting activities with a military element.

The Norwegian Home Guard
The Norwegian Armed Forces (Norwegian: Forsvaret) is divided into four branches of defense. This are The Norwegian Army, The Royal Norwegian Navy, The Royal Norwegian Air Force and The Norwegian Home Guard.

The Norwegian Home Guard (Norwegian: Heimevernet), is a rapid mobilization force. Founded on December 6th, 1946, it is the youngest branch in the Norwegian forces. It is divided into districts, which again is divided into smaller units, typically covering a single Municipality. In a wartime situation Heimevernet will typically be used to protect the local infrastructure and population, but may also be used as regular troops. As it for the most part comprises locals, it is ideally suited for guerrilla warfare (sabotage, ambushes, etc.)

There is one Task Force per district. The Task Force is the speartip of the Norwegian Home Guard, and contain flexible and mobile units. It also have top priority when concerning weapons, material and training resources. They are ready to respond within 24 hours to acts of terrorism, bomb threats, and or other emergencies. The Task Force consists of several different units within each district. In this way, each district will be able to respond to any kind of incident that could occur, without having to rely on outside help.

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